The Sea Dragon 2000F UW photo-video-dive light delivers 2000 true lumens and a smooth, even 120° wide beam angle. This revolutionary COB LED array technology produces an 80 CRI (colour rendering index) that mimics natural daylight. Most other LED’s have 70 CRI, missing wavelengths of the visible light spectrum. Uncover colourful reefs and hidden sea creatures with this 3-in-1 photo-video-dive light.

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Body material: Anodised aluminum light head with fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body
◊ Powerful 2000 lumen LED light. Latest COB LED array technology. True, lab-tested lumens and not
“theoretical” lumens specified by most other manufacturers.
◊ One button control for easy operation. One button to power light on/off and select brightness
◊ Three brightness levels 100%, 50% and 25%
◊ Run time: 60 minutes at full power/120 min at half power/240 min at quarter power
◊ Hidden emergency signal mode. 1 sec blink interval and SOS Morse code (4 seconds to activate)
◊ Constant brightness – Regulated circuitry so light won’t dim with battery power
◊ 80 colour Rendering Index (CRI) that mimics natural daylight
◊ Quick-release button to detach light and aim in crevices and hard to reach areas
◊ 120° wide beam angle evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots
◊ Corrosion-proof metal light head for heat dispersion and durability
◊ Removable 25W Li-Ion battery w/ charger and international plug adapters included
◊ Waterproof battery compartment – even if the O-ring seal fails, the battery compartment is isolated
so water cannot reach the internal electronics
◊ Depth tested to 60m – Guaranteed
Technical Specifications
◊ Beam angle: 120° on land (90° underwater)
◊ Battery: Lithium Ion 7.4V, 3400 mAh, 25Wh (included) ◊ Battery charge time: 170 minutes
◊ 12.2cm x 5.6cm x 10.4cm) Head only
◊ Weight: 370gr (Head only)
◊ Bulb life: 35,000 hours

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