The SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack features a large padded compartment with waterproof lining and 6 adjustable dividers. Furthermore 5 zippered pockets and a larger compartment for laptops or tablets. The back of the backpack offers soft, breathable and comfortable padding; the exterior is made of durable x-grade nylon. The external zippers are made of corrosion-proof material suitable for marine environment. Six rubber feet on the bottom keep the backpack standing upright and not directly touching the ground. Two large drain holes effect that no water will be stuck inside the backpack.

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◊ Professional Photo backpack made of durable X-Grade Nylon ◊ Padded compartments with 6 adjustable dividers
◊ 5 zippered pockets
◊ Backside features soft, breathable and comfortable padding ◊ 6 rubber feet and 2 large drain holes in the bottom
◊ Corrosion-proof external zippers
◊ Retrainer Strap to prevent gear from falling out ◊ Dimensions: 32cm x 25cm x 17cm

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